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Restraining Order Defense in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Peter A. Reed, Attorney at Law, P.C. in Colorado Springs, Colorado, provides criminal defense against restraining orders and domestic violence.

Restraining Order Defense

When you need special services, such as a resolution that effectively dismisses a restraining order, our legal expertise allows us to have the court order lifted between the two parties involved.

Investigative Services

As a former prosecutor for sex crimes and crimes against children, Peter A. Reed, Attorney at Law, P.C. provides investigative services to capture the most accurate information regarding your case.

Gavel, Restraining Order Defense in Colorado Springs, CO

When you find yourself under investigation for a crime, such as sexual assault on a child or adult or stealing from an employer, we follow through to ensure the district attorney has all the relevant information prior to filing charges in the case. Many times these cases are not given a proper investigation, so we follow every lead possible.

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